Sunnydale Self Catering Orkney

Terms & Conditions

Booking can be made directly through the website, the facebook page or with any of the online booking partners we advertise with from time to time.

We accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

We cannot accept payments by cheque due to fraud prevention.

Any bank charges incurred by receiving international or local payments will be met by the buyer.

The contract is between the person making the booking and the owners of the property E & J Schinkel.

We welcome phone bookings and enquiries and are able to invoice you for the required payment online.

We are happy to consider booking requests and enquires out with the options we have advertised. Let us know what it is you need and we will let you know if we are able to meet your request.

A deposit of £100 is payable at the time of booking with the balance due to be paid 4 weeks before the stay commences.

If the payment is not made, the seller will endeavour to contact the buyer for the balance or confirmation that they wish to cancel the booking. If the balance is not paid by the due time the seller reserves the right to readvertise the property.

If we become unable to fulfil your booking due to reasons out with the owners control we will give you a 100% refund of your payment to us. We however cannot be liable for your travel costs or any other costs which may be otherwise incurred and advise you take out travel insurance to cover all eventualities.

If any breakages, damages or faults happen when you are in the cottage please let us know as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to have them rectified as soon as possible. (Breakages and damages may be charged if they are made through negligence or deliberate intention).

Sunnydale is designed to be your ideal base while visiting here, we ask that you respect the property and the items within it. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your stay but ask that you leave the property in good condition.

We supply bedlinens and towels for your stay. We ask that you take your own towels for taking to the beaches and going to the local swimming pool.

We supply starter supplies of toilet roll, dishwasher tablets , washing machine tablets, coal, kindling for the open fire, soap and cleaning supplies.

Check in is anytime after 4pm on the day of arrival.

Checkout is between 9.30 and 10 am on the day of departure.

Sunnydale is a non smoking establishment and is unable to accept pets or animals.

Sunnydale does not accept Stag and Hen bookings as we want to keep the property in tip top condition to welcome you for your stay.

There is an open coal fire for which we supply a starter supply of kindling and newspaper for lighting the fire. We supply coal for you to burn in the fireplace.

It is the guests responsibility to use the fire place safely.

  • Fire guard to be kept in place at all times when the fire is on.
  • Keep the sitting room doors closed when the fire is on.
  • Let the fire go out before going to bed or if leaving the house.
  • Wait until the ashes are cool before putting them in the Ash bucket.

Waste Management

The bins are collected on a Thursday. We will put the bins being collected that day up to the collection point.

The grey bin is for general household waste. please put the bags from your bins into a black bag before placing in the outside bin (this is collected fortnightly).

The green recycling bins are to divide the recycling into the 4 different collections made locally. Each one is currently collected in a 4 week cycle.

Plastics- no yoghurt packs or packaging- only clear or white plastic bottles. please rinse plastic milk bottles before putting them in here.

Paper- for paper and THIN card only.

Metal- for washed tin cans, metal lids, clean rolled up cooking foil and empty aerosol cans with their nozzles removed.

Glass- for clean glass jars and bottles only.

Thank you for your help with reducing unnecessary waste and recycling what we can.

Fire prevention prevention

You are responsible for your own safety and those in your party when staying Sunnydale.

Sunnydale is a non smoking property.

It is up to you to use the gas hob safely and ensure the knobs are in the off position when not lit.

Use the open fire safely and keep the fireguard in place. The fire place burns coal which can and often does split and send out sparks.

The property has three fire extinguishers (two dry foam and one carbon dioxide) located in the porch, the kitchen and upstairs landing. There is a fireblanket on the wall beside the boiler in the kitchen. The property has mains heat and fire alarms installed and battery operated carbon monoxide alarms.

There are 2 doors to the property for exit, the front door in the porch and the patio door off the sitting room. Many of the windows in the property are suitable fire exits. Please be aware of those which are at height and if you remove the keys for children make sure they are accessible for use. Dial 999 if there is a fire to call the emergency services, get out by the safest route, safety first. Inform us of the fire/ problem when it is possible to do so safely. The fire extinguishers are there to help you escape not to fight any possible fire.

Please keep hallways and entries clear to ensure you can leave the property quickly if needed.

There is a fire risk assessment in your welcome folder.


The original property which has had two extensive modern upgrades and renovations including rewiring and plumbing has mature gardens which are in the process of being tamed. The drystone dykes are home to Wrens are not suitable for climbing on or over. The Covid safe guidance asks us to make guests aware that there is a septic tank at the bottom left of the garden and guests should avoid this area.

Please be aware of the temperature of the hot water which is supplied on demand from the combi boiler.